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The Perfect Indulgence

Reunite with your inner sense of wellbeing and break away from stress. Let your Qi find its way along the meridians of your body to restore balance and ultimately promote physical, mental and spiritual peace. Let SPA148 help you find your zen from a wide variety of health treatments you can choose from at affordable prices.

Whole Body Massage
for only Php349/hour
body_massage.jpg Our professional therapists will take you to a perfect experience with a combination of pressure, tension and motion applied to the body targeting the muscles, tendons, ligaments and lymphatic vessels with such rewarding results. Choose from a variety of soothing massage that fits your need. We have Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai and Reflexology massage therapy or combination to give you the relaxation you deserve from that often tiring day whether from work or leisure.
Twin Massage
for only Php699/hour
twin_massage.jpg Two excellent pair of hands to melt your stress away, experience synchronized strokes and motions with the right amount of pressure on your body. This is an excellent escape from stress for an incredible relaxation experience. Simply put, two is better than one.
Traditional Pinoy Hilot
for only Php449/hour
hilot.jpg An ancient art of healing, this is the Filipino brand of touch therapy which predates the country's written history. The practice is centuries old and has been handed down through generations and is still very widely accepted as a healing alternative to medicine. Hilot employs chiropractic manipulation and massage for the diagnosis and treatment of musculoligamentous and musculoskeletal ailments.
Prenatal Massage
for only Php499/hour
prenatal_massage.jpg Pregnancy is an exciting journey for both the mother and the baby but the discomforts and pain brought by pregnancy can hamper the experience. Pregnancy or prenatal massage is designed to help pregnant women suffering from low back pain and possibly those with chronic headaches. The procedure may also decrease stress and promote relaxation, helping you cope with discomfort or even specifically alleviate or prevent it. Our therapists are trained to know where the sore spots are likely to be and would also know which areas and techniques to avoid.
Massage with Ventosa
for only Php599/1.5hours
ventosa.jpg Ventosa uses vacuum created naturally inside several cups placed on targeted accupoints on your back to rejuvenate circulation and "suck" the stress away. Chinese believes that this treatment opens the meridians of the body for better energy flow. A refreshing body massage is partnered with this treatment to maximize its true benefits.
Hot Stone Massage
for only Php749/1.5hours
hot_stone.jpg Our Hot Stone Massage is a specialty that uses smooth, heated stones that is both deeply relaxing and helps loosen tight muscles. A soothing warm-up body massage to precede the treatment where you will be taken to a journey to de-stress your whole being with each precise motion of hot stones. Feel glorified with heated stones placed in specific points along your spine, in the palms of your hands, and other key points in your body improving the flow of energy in your body and calming the nervous system.